Analytical grammar of the Pokot language - Kitapu ngala Pökot nyo kikir

  • Herreros Baroja, Tomás; Partany, Daniel; Sikamoy, Peter
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Pokot is a language spoken in western Kenya and eastern Uganda. The Pokot people belongs to the cluster of tribes of Nilo-Hamitic origin that inhabits the high lands of Kenya west of the Rift Valley. Linguistically, there are three main groups: the Nandi, the Sebei and the Pokot. The Pokot language seems the most complicated of them all because of the the manifold variations wich the verbe and the noun present. The language Pokot is the eldest of the Kalenjin languages and closer to the old language from which they all originated. The aim of this grammar is to be a serious study of the Pokot language, which has been studied very little up till now. There has existed only one grammar, written by Pasquale Crazzolara and published in 1978. This work is the first real attempt to make a grammar of the Pokot language and a very complete examination of logic and structures of the Pokot language. It explains the structures of the language, its characteristics and its forms. The study of Pokot grammar may help the literarate Pokot to know this language better and to appreciate it much more.

  • Anno: 1989
  • Pagine: 313
  • Lingua: italiano
  • ISBN (online): 978-88-8303-749-8