Slavica Tergestina 30 (2023/I). Television in Eastern European Literature, Art and Media (from 1960s to 2020s)

  • A cura di: A cura di Erlenmaier, Fabian; Murašov, Jurij; Zhukova, Maria
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Slavica TERgestina volumes usually focus on a particular theme or concept. Most of the articles published so far deal with the cultural realm of the Slavic world from the perspective of modern semiotic and cultural methodological approaches, but the journal remains open to other approaches and methodologies. The theme of the upcoming volume along with detailed descriptions of the submission deadlines and the peer review process can be found on our website at All published articles are also available on-line, both on the journal website and in the University of Trieste web publication system at

  • Anno: 2023
  • Pagine: 348: ill.
  • Lingua: italiano